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Insulating Plaster

Otterbein Calcea Insulating Plaster supplied by Stoneware Studios being applied by the men of Kenneth Sisk Plastering in Cork City. Easy to apply, no biodegradation, NHL with perlite (natural forming volcanic glass used for a long time for drainage and aeration) and with v good thermal performance we like this product.  Thermal conductivity 0.083 W/(m-k) giving a uvalue on an un-rendered 500mm stone wall of 0.84694 W/m2K for 50mm thick or 0.5705 W/m2K for 100mm thick which is up there with the best.

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Cork Insulation

100mm Cork Insulation

Very fine work by @manganderek with 100mm Cork insulation outside followed by the full Secil treatment. Dereks attention to detail is top drawer.

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Earthborn Paints

The soft tone of @earthbornpaints White Clay is relaxing for the (v) spoilt Maple, not to mention it is limewash-level breathable, VOC free, EcoLabeled and very good value.

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Trade Show

The young lad Jack helping out at Muchross, Killarney the other day (before getting sense and heading to the big smoke for the big bucks) Great to have my old friend Peter @conservationtec with us also and meet all the regulars down there.

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