Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.

  • Secil RB– Pre-mixed lime mortar including sand, NHL lime and fibres, for plastering and rendering.  Can be applied with trowel or by spray application.
Secil RB - premixed lime render
  • Secil RJ– Pre-mixed lime mortar formulated for pointing stone.
Secil RJ Pointing Mortar
  • Secil AC– Pre-mixed lime plaster for finishing lime render outside and lime plaster inside. 
Secil AC -Premixed sponged finish plaster
  • Secil AC Fino– Pre-mixed lime plaster for finishing lime plaster inside to give a smooth finish.
Secil Cal AC Fino - smooth lime finish coat
  • Secil Grout – Pre-mixed lime grout for filling internal hollows and cavities in stone walls.
Secil premix screed
Secil EcoCork
  • Secil Isovit – Pre-mixed lime mortar for fixing Cork insulation boards.
Secil IsoVit Ecork
  • Secil MP – this macroporous plaster is for the treatment of salt infestation, efflorescence and cryptoflorescence,  including salts arising from rising-damp and cement related sulphates.
Secil MP