Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.

Redstone clima Board is the perfect internal insulation solution for older buildings. Made from calcium silicate, and reinforced with cellulose, the board has good insulating properties combined with high capillary action and breathability ensuring humidity regulation and dampness and mould control.
Historic and heritage buildings, and all solid stone or brick walls, require a more holistic approach to insulation. For a sustainable solution, consideration must be given to balancing energy efficiency with breathability and damp protection whilst most importantly maintaining the characteristics of the building and preserving the facade.
Redstone Clima Board system is breathable throughout. It comes with Redstone lime based adhesives and plasters to insure full compatibility with historic buildings.
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Areas of application:

  • Enhances home comfort
  • Prevents mould growth
  • absorbs excess interior air humidity¬†
  • Prevents the formation of condensation¬†
  • for interior insulation of walls and ceilings


  • Room side primed (polished side of board)
  • Controls humidity
  • Capillary-active
  • Breathable
  • Heath-insulating
  • Mould-resistant
  • Non-flammable (A1)
  • Countless micropores
  • Natural Raw Materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • ‘Made in Germany’ quality