Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.

Natural-Paints-Paint Brushes in a row Natural-Paints-tin_liveryNatural-Paints-Bellinter basement    

Stoneware Studios produce in Ireland a range of Natural Limewashes and Traditional Paints for historic buildings. We are also the national distributor for the highly acclaimed Earthborn range of paints and decoration products.

Claypaint         EcoPro Emulsion         Eggshell No.17         Silicate Masonry      Limewash

Earthborn is a range of eco paints and designed to provide a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints. Whether you are looking for VOC free paint, organic paint, water-based paint, or high-performance paints, Earthborn Paints has the product you require in its portfolio of natural and eco-friendly paints.

ecolabel  Ireland’s only Paint accredited with the EcoLabel

Earthborn Paints carry the prestigious Ecolabel Flower symbol. This accreditation is awarded to paints, that meet the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU ecolabelling scheme. Many paints claim to be environmentally friendly but without the Ecolabel it is difficult for the environmentally aware consumer to make an informed choice.

Whether you are looking for green paint, breathable paint, healthy paint, environmentally friendly paint, eco paint or natural paint without compromising the high performance you expect from a paint product, or an alternative to limewash, lime paint or distemper then Earthborn has a product for you. Paints include Claypaint, Emulsion paint, Silicate Masonry, Eggshell No.17.

Classic Range