Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.

Stoneware Studios has offices, workshop and display areas on 6 acres of beautiful countryside adjacent to Pillmore Wetlands, a unique bird and wildlife sanctuary, overlooking Capel Island, 2 miles from the historic town of Youghal, Co. Cork.

Stoneware Studios Ltd.,

Stoneware Studios Ltd.,

We are a relatively small group company (but we do punch above our weight! – see a selection of our customer list below) keenly interested in supplying building materials and services for the sensitive repair of historic buildings. In doing so, we always endeavour to supply materials that are the most environmentally friendly available; Natural Paints, Lime Mortars, long-life Rainwater systems, Clay plasters, Hemp Mortars… and much more.

We partner stockists and other businesses Ireland-wide, from Ballymena, Co. Antrim to Skibbereen in West Cork to insure that materials and services are easily accessable and, wherever possible, sourced locally.


“Thanks for all the advice and your time. Indeed you are a ‘Find’…”
John Roche, Co. Limerick.

“The paints have turned out really well as promised: good coverage, no smell, nice texture & good colours”
Louise Harrington, Co. Cork.

“The clay plaster looks gorgeous! Do feel free to send people along if they’re curious about what it looks like, and you’re very welcome too!”
Dr. Jools Gilson-Ellis, Co. Cork.

“We got a good bit of earthborn clay paint from you earlier this year (Almendra, Bordeaux red, Sand orange, vanilla and cordoba blue). We haven’t used it all up yet but we’re very happy with it – colours, applicability etc. It was much easier to use than the other environmentally friendly paints that we also tried (auro, nutshell) and in some places it just needed one coat over the new plaster. We’re planning the next painting blitz for the last couple of rooms but I’ve lost our colour chart so I was hoping you might send me another one?
Niamh Roche, Co. Meath.

“The colour is fabulous better than I expected and so suitable upon the bare plaster. Thanks you so much”
Betty O’Toole, Co. Cork.

“I was very pleased with the round tower products and the advice I received from you during the demonstration. I would be interested in using the products again. The quality of the render was much better using your products than other leading brands. Hope to be talking to you in the future as I enjoyed working with the product and lime render in general. Thanks”
Brendan Lynch, Co. Clare.

‘When it comes to innovation and uniqueness, no machine can do what a human being can do. Real craftsmen and women can innovate and inspire.’

Selection of some of our Customers: