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Diathonite Evolution

Breathable lime and cork based insulating plaster for the thermal insulation

 The insulating action of air
Diathonite Evolution is formulated with materials that have high porosity. Air fills in the free spaces within the structure and originates a great thermal insulation action. Let’s use the talent of nature
Thermal Conductivity

λ = 0,045 W/mK

Thanks to the right mix of carefully selected natural raw materials, the product achieves high levels of thermal insulation.

Thermal Diffusivity

0,125 x 10⁻⁶ m²/s

The low diffusivity value (α) indicates a high degree of insulation from heat and therefore greater comfort and savings for summer cooling.

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.


μ = 4

Thanks to the high value of permeability (μ), the humidity of the indoors is perfectly balanced, thus avoiding the formation of moulds and condensation



The cavities and gaps in the plaster allow moisture and condensation to be absorbed and disposed of.


360 ± 20 kg/m³

Macroporous structure with high air content guarantees excellent performance in terms of insulation and absorption of excess moisture.

Mechanical Strength

1,5 N/mm² // 217.6 lbf/in² (psi) (Bending)
2,95 N/mm² // 427.9 lbf/in² (psi) (Compressive)

High strength, durability and stability over time.

Insulating the building and maintaining the breathability of the wall/ceiling

It helps walls in older buildings dry out thanks to its capillary active nature

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Breathable and Capillary active: absorbs and releases moisture and keeping walls dry
  • Easy thermal bridge solution
  • Euroclass A1 fire resistance
  • Quick and easy to apply on different types of substrates
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Can be used internally and externally