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Tierrafino Lustro is a shiny clay based stucco for interior walls that is applied with a roller, brush or trowel.  Lustro is not suitable for filling holes or making good imperfect substrates.


Mixing buckets, brushes, small roller, plastic trowel, thin plastic, masking tape, sponge and warm water for cleaning.


Substrates must be dry, absorbent and free of dust and grease. If necessary clean substrate with a grease dissolving cleanser. Roughen smooth substrates with sandpaper.


Lustro is supplied ready to use. It is possible to add a little water to Lustro in a new bucket to apply very thin layers for a deeper effect. In this case you must apply more layers.

Apply Lustro with roller, brush or a trowel in a thin coat, approx. 0,2-0,5 mm thick. Spread Lustro well in a few movements of your tool immediately after application. Let Lustro set for a while to achieve a good adhesion with the substrate.

After a few minutes the surface can be polished smooth with a plastic trowel.
Polish the 1st layer of Lustro smooth; not shiny. You can see shine first looking diagonally at the surface, not straight onto the surface.
In most cases application of 2 coats will give the desired result.