Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.

Secil NHL

New house, now about 5 years old completely built with our Secil NHL in Cork city. Zero lime leaching or any other unsightly staining that hybrid mixes can cause.  Strong case for using Secil NHL on all brickwork, old and new. Check out Midleton train station also, the main building was re-pointed with our lime but the car park walls were built with sand/lime/cement mix (and have all the signs of it!) Very short short term thinking mixing cement with lime.

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Nothing screams Halloween like the pumpkin spiced hue of Freckle, our favourite shade of orange.

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Earthborn Claypaint

Earthborn Claypaint is the original fully breathable internal clay emulsion which we have been exclusively supplying in Ireland for almost 20 years. This zero-voc paint was ahead of its time when introduced and still remains the premium quality, rich in tone and texture, paint that so many of us love for lime plaster (or any

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Kerry Event

Spot the Stoneware Studios sign hidden behind my chief hecklers. We had an enjoyable day last Saturday in Muckross, Killarney. ‘Great to field lots of questions from people repairing their old buildings in Kerry. Thanks to Victoria and Toddy for organising the event. Shout out to my fella exhibitors Ruairi Dennison, Gareth O’Callaghan and Peter

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