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This remarkable, environmentally friendly varnish for interior and exterior woodwork is water based and breathable, yet totally water repellent.

The high performance, flexible finish of Earthborn proAqua Satin Varnish resists flaking and blistering and will not yellow with time.

Unlike other water based varnishes, earthBorn proAqua Satin Varnish does not contain any oils or acrylics. That means it is totally free of VOCs and other harmful emissions¹, making it safer and more pleasant to use as well as better for the environment.

Earthborn proAqua Satin Varnish is available in two grades of clear. Crystal Clear offers unparalleled clarity for interior use, while Clear UV contains UV stabilisers for exterior applications. Colour options include classic and contemporary shades*.

  • Choice of clear and coloured effects*.
  • Non-yellowing, flexible, satin finish.
  • VOC free, acrylic free, odour free.
  • Water based, breathable.
  • Safer, healthier and more pleasant to use.
  • Excellent covering power, quick drying, long lasting.

Crystal Clear proAqua Satin Varnish

Great for:

  • interior woodwork
  • internal doors and window frames
  • skirting boards, dado and picture rails
  • furniture and shelving.

Clear UV and coloured proAqua Satin Varnish

Great for:

  • interior or exterior woodwork
  • doors and window frames
  • fascias and cladding
  • garden furniture.

Product information:

Coverage:                           11 – 14sq m/litre
Drying time:                      Touch dry after 15 minutes; allow 60 minutes before applying second coat
Ingredients:                       Water, earth pigments, silicic acid, vinegar esters, surfactants, synthetic preservative (Clear also contains UV absorber and micronised                                                titanium dioxide)
About our ingredients

Sizes:                                   Tester pots, 750ml. Larger volumes available by special order