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Wallpaper Paste                                                     Casein Filler

Wallpaper Paste

For a high quality wallpaper paste that is safer, healthier and more pleasant to use, look no further than earthBorn.

earthBorn water soluble Wallpaper Paste is both acrylic and solvent free. It is made from non toxic, non allergenic methyl cellulose and is also free from fungicides, preservatives and synthetic resins.

Yet its excellent adhesive properties are not disadvantaged by its purity. earthBorn Wallpaper Paste makes a great job of any wallpaper, including heavily textured and fabric wall coverings.

  • Excellent adhesive qualities.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Acrylic and solvent free.
  • Free from fungicides, preservatives and synthetic resins.
  • Safer, healthier and pleasant to use.

Great for:

  • all weights of wallpaper
  • fabric wall coverings.

Product information:

Ingredients:                              Pure methyl celluloses of various fibre lengths

About our ingredients

Sizes and product codes         1-6101 100g
1-6102 500g

Casein Filler

Many walls and ceilings need repair before you can paint them. For an effective, long lasting repair try earthBorn Casein Filler, the perfect complement to earthBorn environmentally friendly wall and ceiling paints.

earthBorn Casein Filler has a smaller carbon footprint than most fillers. It is based on the natural milk protein casein and white lime. Less energy is used to make it because it is titanium dioxide free.

But there is no loss of performance. earthBorn Casein Filler has excellent adhesive qualities, making it easier to fill cracks and holes in plaster and other surfaces. Once applied, it remains flexible and lasts exceptionally well.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, earthBorn Casein Filler is water repellent yet breathable. It is supplied in powder form for mixing as required. You can even create coloured filler by mixing it with your choice of earthBorn Pigment.

  • Easy to apply, easy to sand.
  • Flexible, long lasting.
  • Breathable, healthier to use.
  • Water repellent.
  • Titanium dioxide free, less energy used in manufacture.
  • Ideal with all earthBorn wall and ceiling paints.

Great for:

  • interior and exterior use
  • all plastered surfaces and plasterboard
  • lightweight building boards
  • applications requiring coloured filler

Product information:
Drying time:                                        4 – 8 hours. Sand after 8 hours

Ingredients:                                        Powdered marble, lime hydrate, white cement, cellulose, clay, casein

About our ingredients

Sizes and product codes:                 1-1811 500g
1-1812 2kg
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