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Tierrafino Clay plaster Finish is naturally designed to create and enhance interior walls in the home or in the workplace. Walls finished with Tierrafino Finish are not only stylish but restful on the eye. This distinctive finish is recognisable by its attractive smooth and textured finishes.

100 % natural building material made from a mix of clays and coloured sands. No pigments are used.The material is extracted from quarries around Europe, is uncontaminated and contains no chemical or pigment additives.Its characteristics include excellent adhesion, durability and colour purity. Tierrafino Finish is non-flammable and is as tough as lime mortar stucco.

Clay general info

Clay has some very special inherent qualities. It is a breathing surface that regulates both humidity and temperature. By absorbing moisture it makes rooms more tolerable in humid weather and when the weather becomes drier it releases moisture into the room helping to improve the air quality.
Clay surfaces can also help moderate temperature swings. Wall surfaces remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The more clay used in a room the greater the beneficial effects, and so Tierrafino Finish works best when it’s applied over a thick undercoat of Tierrafino Base clay plaster.

Available colours

Tierrafino Clay plaster is available in 8 colours.