Stoneware Studios manufacture, supply and promote an extensive range of quality materials and services for the repair of Historic Buildings.



Many buildings experience constant moisture ingress. Lime and other breathable materials may not have the capacity to adequately manage this damp_control_delta_plaster_lath_fixingconstant dampness. The issue may arise in older, subterranean (for example 19th century basements or vaults) structures but is not uncommon in refurbishment, retrofit, new build and self-build projects. In this instance, Stoneware Studios offer a damp-proofing solution that is not only 100% guaranteed but also adheres to the basic principles of conservation; reversibility, compatibility and non-intrusiveness. We supply the highest quality cavity-extruded membrane available in Ireland today.


Our waterproofing membrane is manufactured in several different grades to allow walls, floors, ground and soffit’s to be ventilated or mechanically drained without disturbing the original building fabric or causing irretrievable damage by chemical sealing. Our in-house expertise can guide you in choosing the most suitable solution to your dampness problem and can help you to achieve immediate success.




Stoneware Studios also carry a range of specialist restoration products:
•Cleaning & De-salting compresses
•Hydrophobizing & graffiti protection
•Hydrophobizing agents
•Natural Latex peelable cleaners
•Restoration Mortars
•Crack Grouting & Repairing mortars

Hydrophobizing agents product guide