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  • Adaptave Breathaplasta– Breathaplasta is a quick setting lime plaster that is a higher performance and healthier alternative to main stream plaster products and offers you a range of natural lime plaster finishes from smooth lime plaster skim applications to textured finishes and super-textured featured walls. Breathaplasta is also an ultra-breathable lime plaster that regulates moisture and helps reduce problems with condensation and mould. 
Adaptava Breathaplasta

Breathaplasta provides high thermal performance, moisture regulation and acoustic insulation for better living comfort, has excellent fire performance and a lower environmental impact compared to mainstream plaster products. 

Whether you are looking for a renovation plaster to refurbish an old or listed building or you are building new and are looking for a fast setting lime plaster, Breathaplasta provides an easy solution to creating a healthy living or working area. Hygrothermally high performing, Breathaplasta is a lime plaster that regulates moisture and improves insulation to deliver a healthier and more energy efficient environment. 

Breathaplasta is quick setting, quick drying and easy to use and gives you a beautiful lime plaster finish. 

How does Breathaplasta stop condensation, mould and damp? 

Breathaplasta has been scientifically developed by Adaptavate specifically to regulate moisture created by people living and working in buildings. Its natural, breathable formulation allows it to absorb moisture from the air into its porous structure when humidity levels are high and release moisture back into the room when humidity levels fall. 

In addition to this, Breathaplasta has insulating properties that helps increase the temperature of the surface of the wall preventing condensation from occurring. A naturally higher pH level (alkalinity) also discourages mould from forming. 

Can anyone use it ?

Breathaplasta is a lime based plaster that has been designed by Adaptavate specifically to be easy to use on site. Any competent plasterer can use Breathaplasta and achieve good results. Those more familiar with lime plasters or alternative plaster products to gypsum will find it very simple. 

How long does it take for the plaster to set and dry out?

Breathaplasta is much quicker setting than other common lime and clay plaster products. Breathaplasta sets within 45 minutes, similar to gypsum plaster. At this point, further coats (or sets) can be applied as the plaster is sufficiently set. If the plaster is dry enough to touch with your finger without feeling ‘sticky’ then it is ready for a second coat. 

Drying times are longer as the plaster fully expels the moisture within. Usually allow 1 day of drying time per 1mm of plaster thickness. This means that the plaster will usually be dry within 4-8days for most applications. 

Thickness of plaster application will have an effect on both setting and frying times. 

How much more insulation does Breathaplasta provide compared with other plasters?

The biomaterial within Breathaplasta gives it twice the thermal performance of gypsum and up to four times the thermal performance of other lime based plasters. Why not use a plaster that will improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home and contribute to lower energy bills ?

What lime is used in the product ? Is it compatible with older buildings?

Breathaplasta is 100% natural plaster product primarily comprised of Hydrated Lime which is a high quality ultra-fine/ultra-white hydrated building lime. We also have a small proportion of NHL3.5 in the mix. The overall composition makes for a product soft enough to use in older and heritage buildings that require a more sensitive approach and durable enough to be used in areas that are subject to higher levels of wear and tear.

What materials can Breathaplasta be applied to?

As a versatile plaster product, Breathaplasta is compatible with a wide range of background materials including plasterboard and equivalents such as Wood Wool board – where the labour – saving benefits are really felt. Breathaplasta can also be applied directly to most masonry e.g. brick, block and stone as well as over skimming gypsum plaster if the plaster is firmly consolidated. Installation methods and recommended plaster thickness will vary so it’s best to check the product installation guide.