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Secil, has been producing NaturalSecil-Natural-Hydraulic-Lime---Stoneware-Studios-Ireland Hydraulic Lime for over 100 years in Portugal. Secil NHL 2 , NHL 3.5 and NHL 5 all conform to the most recent European standards EN459-1:2010 and are supplied in 25kg bags, or used in a variety of mortars and plasters, all tried and tested in the Irish market.   These limes are suitable for Historic Buildings and New build.  Breathable, flexible and ecological.  Stoneware Studios have collaborated with Secil to bring this high quality range to the Irish market.  Secil  have similar strengths to the French NHL’s and are suitable for plastering, rendering, bedding, pointing, limecrete etc.


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Secil NHL limes are also used in Secil pre-mixed mortars, customised for bespoke applications (based exclusively on Natural Hydraulic Lime):

  • Secil Render – Pre-mixed lime mortar including sand, NHL lime and fibres, for plastering and rendering.  Can be applied with trowel or by spray application.
  • Secil RJ35 Pointing Mortar– Pre-mixed lime mortar formulated for Pointing Stone.
  • Secil Finishing Plaster – Pre-mixed lime plaster for finishing lime render outside and lime plaster inside.
  • Secil Fine Finish– Pre-mixed lime plaster for finishing lime plaster inside to give a smooth finish.
  • Secil Consolidation Mortar – Pre-mixed lime mortar for preparing walls for Secil EcoCork insulating plaster.
  • Secil Grout – Pre-mixed lime grout for filling internal hollows and cavities in stone walls.
  • Secil Screed – Pre-mixed Lime screed for flooring.
  • Secil EcoCork insulating plaster – Pre-mixed lime plaster with natural cork.
  • Secil AdhereVit – Pre-mixed lime mortar for fixing Cork insulation boards.

Secil Special Solution mortars (not based exclusively on Natural Hydraulic Lime):

  • Reabilita RA05 – this macroporous plaster is for the treatment of salt infestation, efflorescence and cryptoflorescence,  including salts arising from rising-damp and cement related sulphates.
  • Reabilita RR20 – This is a plaster system designed for the repair of early cement renders.

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