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EcoCork used at Tintern Abbey, Co. WexfordSecil EcoCorkecoCORK is a new product formulated exclusively with Natural Hydraulic Lime binder and free from all cementitious content. Mixed with a largely cork aggregate, this offers a lightweight, vapour permeable and environmentally friendly plaster.

•Cost effective compared to Hemp/Lime Mortars.

•Supplied fully blended (just add water) in easy to handle 30L /15Kg bags.
•Easier to apply than Hemp/Lime mortars, coats up to 40mm overall in a day.
•Ready to top coat in a matter of days. Overall Much faster than hemp/lime to dry.
•Great vapour permeability
•Improves thermal performance of building being rated as T2 under EN998-1
•Improves acoustic performance of building.
•50% lighter than traditional lime mortars.
•Reduced CO2.
•Reduced consumption of non-renewable aggregates.
•High durability.
•Resistant to salts.

Can be used inside or outside.